Upper Kabeli Hydropower Project (UKHP)

UKHP is a Run-of-River Hydropower project along Kabeli river of Taplejung District (Province No. 1) Nepal. Kabeli River is one of the major tributaries of Tamor River. The project is located between latitude 27o 18’ 36” N to 27o 21’ 12” N and longitude 87o 50’ 48” E to 87o 52’ 00” E.


The installed capacity of the project will be 19.59 MW and annual energy yield will be 97.53 GWh. The project is being built with the total cost of NRS 3.3 billion (USD Aprox 30 Millions).

Financial summery of UKHP
IRR (Internal Rate of Return) 15.12%
EIRR / ROE ( Return On Equity) 21.65%
NPV (Net Present Value ) 1,028,871 Amount in ,000
Cost per kW (1 US$=117) 1440 Amount in $
BC Ratio (Benefit Cost Ratio) 1.38 Ratio
Pay Back Period(PBP) -Simple 5.66 Years
Pay Back Period(PBP) - Discounted 8.66 Years
Average BEP (10 Years BEP Sales) 45%
Cost Sensitivity (Increasement up to ) 14% 3,769,282
Revenue Sensitivity (Decrease up to) 12% 531,361
DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio) In 12 Years Average 1.77 Times
Revenue Per MW in NRs 30,658 Amount in ,000
Cost Per MW in NRS 168,453 Amount in ,000

Funding source:


Access to project site

The project area can be accessed from Kathmandu via Charali of Jhapa in the East-west highway from where Mechi highway leads upto Ganesh Chowk of Panchthar District. The distance from Charali to Ganesh Chowk is about 200 km. After Tharpu bazaar gravel road starts which is 16 km long upto the Kabeli river bridge. After crossing Kabeli River Bridge at Tribeni Dovan, the access road to the project road follow right bank of Kabeli river upto the project area via. Panchami, Khandinbe, Bunguwa, Hapu Khola Bazaar. After Hapu Khola Bazaar, the road again crosses Kabeli River where RCC Bridge is under construction (which is just downstream to existing suspension bridge).

Project Development Status

Following is the progress report for UKHP:

Date/Period Work Carried Out
20-25 March 2016 (7-12 Chaitra 2072) Sanima team conducted site visit for site impression to start feasibility study.
June 2016 (Jestha 2073) Detailed topographical survey has been completed and the topographical maps of headworks, waterways, penstock alignment, powerhouse (option I and II) and tailrace locations have been prepared and submitted to the Client by SHEPL.
12- 17June 2016 (30-Jestha to 03 Asar 2073) Sanima team has conducted site visit for geological investigations.
July 2016 (Asar 2073) The geological and engineering geological mapping of the project area have also been completed and the Geological Surface Mapping Report has already been submitted to the client. Hydrological study has already been completed by Sanima team.
19-23 Oct 2016 (03-07 Kartik 2073) Sanima team has conducted site visit for waterways verification
Jan 2017 (Magh 2073) Electrical Resistivity Test (ERT) has been conducted in the project area by client side to identify the sub-surface geological condition. Similarly, location for construction material were also identified and approximate estimates has been carried out. The investigation was done by Earth Investigation ad Solution Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
May 2018 (Jestha 2075) Sediment sampling and analysis
29 May-3 June 2018 (15-20 Jestha 2075 ) Sanima team conducted site visit for further feasibility design.
Ongoing Detail Project Design, environmental study, preparation for financial closure, tender award and Power Purchase agreement (PPA) with NEA

Project Timeline:


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